Thursday, September 23, 2010

Huge News at Gingerscraps...........Don't Miss It!!!

I have such exciting news that I just had share with you. *It is so BIG that it is definitely worth it's own post. *Are you sitting down? *You probably are because you are using a computer. *Then again you may be on your phone - so maybe you are standing. *I suppose it doesn't matter if you are sitting or standing, but I do hope you are ready for some BIG news.

Ginger Scraps is being featured on My Give Away Today. *HUGE right?!?!?

They are giving away our Rock - N - Roll Cafe Kit!!

That isn't all!!! *There are TONS of special store discounts JUST for people that go to their site - My Give Away Today.

If all of this wasn't good enough - 4 lucky people will win 2 Ginger Bread Lady collabs of their choice to the store!!

Make sure you go to My Give Away Today! But hurry - it is good just for today (9/23/10). *Trust me - you DON'T want to miss this!!

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