Friday, April 1, 2011

The New Welcome Wagon at Gingerscraps

The GingerBread Ladies have been cookin this up for you for months! We all want to show you how much we love you, and what better way then free goodies!

Each week we will revel to you a new Fresh Baked treat Just for you! Our loyal GS Forum members.

All you have to do is stop by the GS forum and head over to the “Welcome Wagon” subforum. This Welcome Wagon subforum can only be accessed if you are a registered member of the GS forum. So go tell all your digiland friends to hurry and go get registered at the GS forum! Then make sure you come back every week to see which GingerBread Lady has goodies to share with you! These welcome wagon goodies are exclusive to the GS forum. You will not find them anywhere else. And no need to panic, these goodies are not going away, they will stay up and stay free, and stay exclusive for many months to come :)

This week we have goodies from Statements By Jodi and Pretty in Green. Our GingerBread Ladies are the absolute BEST!! Make sure you leave them some love in then forum when you get the super secret link for their special treat just for you.

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