Tuesday, November 23, 2010

May There Always Be Sunshine

What is your worst nightmare? If you are a parent it is probably some harm coming to your child. Kamden's parents have realized their worst nightmare... their two year old baby girl Kamdyn (Kami) is being treated for cancer. The amazing thing about the digital scrapbooking community is the genorosity of designers and scrappers when there is a need. The kit May There Always Be Sunshine is a charity collab, and is being sold for only $5.00. 100% of the funds earned on the collab will go straight to Kami's parents and will go toward costs associated with Kami's care that are not covered by insurance. The parents have to stay in a hotel when Kami is undergoing treatment in the hospital that isn't near their home. You can imagine how expenses add up. We all know that insurance doesn't cover everything no matter what kind of treatment people receive much less expensive cancer treatments. This is a very difficult time for a young family. May There Always Be Sunshine is a chance for us to bring a little bit of sunshine to the lives of Kami's parents as they watch their beautiful baby girl fight cancer.

Oh I just can't imagine the feelings I would be experiencing if one of my babies were battling cancer, and I was caring for them as they dealt with all of that. It breaks my heart that parents go through this with their children.

Would you like to help out? If so you can purchase the super cute May There Always Be Sunshine Charity Collab Kit!
It is only $5!
The kit is packed with amazing goodies from 11 different designers. Go take a closer look at this kit HERE. This is one amazingly beautiful kit! You may also go to Kami's blog and find out more about the little sweetie. There is also a donate button on the blog if you'd like to help in that way as well.

To say thank you for purchasing May There Always Be Sunshine Amy of Unforgettable Moments has a free product offer for you! If you purchase May There Always Be Sunshine or Make at least a $5 donation on Kami's blog she would like to offer you a free product from her shop. All you have to do is forward/email Amy your invoice or receipt and she will email you a coupon for a free product from her shop. (As a digi-scrap designer she receives all kinds of invoices and treats her customers information with respect. She will handle the one you send her with the utmost of care and delete it as soon as she sends you your free coupon.). Amy's email address is amyp185 [at] yahoo dot com.

Amy purchased May There Always Be Sunshine from Digiridoo. The kit was offered to her for free as a collab contributor, but she decided to purchase it so the funds would go to little Kami. When Amy made her purchase she also received the Digirdoo site collab as a gift with purchase- for free! Isn't this so cute?
That is a lot of product for supporting Kami! Check it out:

1) You can purchase May There Always Be Sunshine for$5,
2) receive the site collab Tranquility,
and then
3) get a free product from Amy's shop also!

That is quite the deal all for supporting a sweet little sick baby. I do hope you can help in this way! (I also want to remind you can donate more at Kami's blog.) I hope you can spread the word and tell all your friends so Kami's parents can get a nice little gift from the digital scrapbooking community. If you are unable to make the purchase I hope you send up a little prayer for Kami's healing and for her parents strength. Thank you my friends! Thank you so much for helping out this little girl and her mommy and daddy.

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